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Our Mission is your benefit....

We declare your tax returns competently and quickly!

Hand in tax returns.....it's worth it!

According to official statistics tax payers receive more than 800 Euros a year in average back from the tax office.

Therefore, make sure to let your situation be evaluated by our experts.

Many taxpayers have discovered this advantage by themselves, but do they really get the maximum out of it? We will go with you through the jungle of tax laws and exemptions and make the best possible from it.


What you should know about employment tax associations!

Employment tax associations  are organizations for people gaining mainly income from employment/retirement pension etc. to provide them assistance in tax matters.

The aim of “Erklärt Lohnsteuerhilfeverein e.V.” (translated Tax return-assistance-association) does not depend on profit maximization but on cost recovery.

The association is financed by the annual membership contributions.

The membership fees are graded according to the socially relevant gross income. Membership is possible from a contribution of 46 euros per year.

Your benefit at a glance!

Tax advice may be accompanied by unforeseen high costs.

Through your membership at “Erklärt Lohnsteuerhilfeverein e.V.” you can rely on first class advice coming along with fair and above all predictable prices. Simply summarized as following:

predictable and fair costs


maximum tax refund possible


first class advice


more spare time for you


less stress


Do you need more arguments?